Numerical Algebraic Geometry

First Post!


We are a group of mathematicians from Georgia Tech: one professor – Anton Leykin, and three students: Tim, Cvetelina, & Kisun.  During the summer semester of 2016 we will be studying Numerical Algebraic Geometry; we will use this blog as the framework for this course/project.  Our main goals are listed below.

  • Create a knowledge base for Numerical Algebraic Geometry
    • Create a database of entries containing notes, problems, examples, etc.
  • Documentation of NumericalAlgebraicGeometry Package for Macaulay2
    • NumericalAlgebraicGeometry is a package used in Macaulay2, which is a software system used primarily in algebraic geometry and commutative algebra.  A description of this package is described here.  Our goal is to refine the documentation, provide appropriate examples, and relevant explanations.
  • Create a library of examples
    • Test the code from the NumericalAlgebraicGeometry package against this library of examples for efficiency.

In addition to three main goals listed above, collaboration is another component in our project.  We will welcome several visitors during the month of June whose work ranges from theory to applications in various fields, such as biology and computer vision.

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