Installing Macaulay2 on Microsoft-Windows

Macaulay2 would be the most important computer program that we may use. It is a useful calculation program especially for Algebraic Geometry field. There are lots way to run Macaulay2, but we will use the editor GNU Emacs. Since Macaulay2 can be supported by MacOSX and Linux, it may be not that problematic to install Macaulay2 for Mac, Linux users. However, Macaulay2 for Microsoft-Windows is not yet compiled and so, it may be a bit hard to start Macaulay for Windows users. Thus, in this post I will briefly introduce the way to install Macaulay2 on Windows environment.

Actually.. It can be a little personal.

First, the main instruction for the installation is here (Professor Anton’s website). To launch Macaulay2, we first need to make an environment of Linux-Ubuntu. In order to run Ubuntu on Windows, we use the Virtual Machine(VM), for instance, Virtualbox. Since Anton’s instruction and attached files provide whole method and conditions for installing Macaulay2 on Linux-Ubuntu. Thus, if you download Virtualbox, then you can just run the attached file on Anton’s instruction. Then, you may easily launch Emacs and Macaulay2 at there.

However, in my computer (I use Microsoft Surface pro 2, actually which is not that good machine on 2016) Anton’s attached file doesn’t work. So we selected the other way. We downloaded Ubuntu directly and made a new virtual system by using that. Now, what should we do is installing Emacs and Macaulay2. Our instruction for this issue was in the official page for Macaulay2. First by clicking ctrl+alt+t, we can open the terminal. Then, by using command sudo emacs /etc/apt/sources.list we can install the Emacs. After that we should add the line deb xenial main in the file  /etc/apt/sources.list (You may use Emacs for this).  Then, back to terminal and enter the public key sudo apt-key adv –keyserver hkp:// –recv-key CD9C0E09B0C780943A1AD85553F8BD99F40DCB31 for Macaulay2. And then the last things to do is installing Macaulay2 by using the following commands.

sudo apt-get update -q
sudo apt-get install -y -q macaulay2

You may need to download some files first (the files on the first part of the instruction for installing Macaulay2).


Now, it is  time to run Macaulay2 on Emacs.

First, enter alt+x and enter M2. Then, we can start Macaulay2.


We can make a temporary file to make a script file or load the exist script file. The content of the script can be calculated by f112.jpg


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