Georgia Algebraic Geometry Symposium 2018

The Georgia Algebraic Geometry Symposium (sometimes known as GAGS) will take place in Georgia Tech on Feb 23-25, 2018, starting with registration and the first talk at 4:30pm on Feb 23 (Friday) and ending before lunch on Feb 25 (Sunday).

We have a great list of invited speakers:

Please register here:

(Yes, even the local students should register! This will help us plan better!)


Note that Georgia Tech will also host the Meeting on Applied Algebraic Geometry on April 7-8, 2018:



New paper: Toric h-vectors and Chow Betti Numbers of Dual Hypersimplices

Toric h-vectors and Chow Betti Numbers of Dual Hypersimplices
by Charles Wang and Josephine Yu

Abstract: The toric h-numbers of a dual hypersimplex and the Chow Betti numbers of the normal fan of a hypersimplex are the ranks of intersection cohomology and Chow cohomology respectively of the torus orbit closure of a generic point in the Grassmannian. We give explicit formulas for these numbers. We also show that similar formulas hold for the coordinator numbers of type A^* lattices.